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                                 About Us

 We started our journey inspired by a beautiful orphan infant (Baby Kalkidan) who had severely been ill and admitted at a government hospital in Addis, where he stayed for a month receiving treatment for a preventable/communicable infectious disease.

One of our founders, who also happened to be his doctor, discovered that Baby Kalkidan was a resident of a government-run orphanage center. She noticed enormous gaps in the provision of medical care to the infants/children residing at the orphanage. She wondered if something could be done. The organization was given the name Kalkidan after the newborn. 


To see our program, serve as a model for healthcare services in Ethiopia, Africa, and beyond, catering to the holistic requirements of the general public, particularly the most vulnerable members of the community


To help fill the healthcare service gaps in Ethiopia, especially, by targeting the vulnerable sections of society (those who, for many reasons, have little to no access to healthcare facilities, i.e. children, girls and women of reproductive age residing in cities and rural areas; street children/adults; newborns, infants, and children/youth in orphanages) through such interventions as holistic medical services, psychosocial support, awareness creation, establishment of comprehensive infrastructural facilities.


~Compassionate care


Grown to over 250 health care professional (doctors of various specialties, nurses, lab technicians, clinical psychologists…)

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